1967 Honda CT90

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Just Me


Just before Christmas I bought an early Honda CT90, well it arrived today, and now has a spot in the garage, I am looking forward to fettling this this summer, I have already noticed a few things that will need doing, rear shocks, headlight surround, rear light, to name a few.. So here it is as it arrived.

67 CT90

  1. Iain says:

    Looks not too bad Kev…. interesting large sprocket on the back, must do about 15mph flat out in top 😎

    • Iain says:

      Forgot to say I’ve got a CT in the shed, its a CT 125 that I picked up from a farm a few years ago. The farmer had bought it from the Honda Dealer in Glasgow in the early 80s. Its more or less the same as the XL of the time but with a single seat, a large rack and two side stands, it needs a total rebuild but might get round to it some time????

  2. englandkev says:

    Iain it has two rear sprockets, for high and low gearing, although you need to take a small section of chain out to use the smaller sprocket.

  3. Nice looking ct. I have a 67′ also. A red one. The paint was really faded from the sun. I took some 00 steel wool and rubbed the paint out until I got down to a brighter color. I then took a product called “Gel Gloss” that is used for fiberglass tubs and showers, rubbed that into the paint real well then buffed it. It turned out amazingly shiny. Aside from the chips and dings that it has gained through the years it looks good. Gel gloss comes in a pink spray can. I bet any product used for shining up fiberglass would work though. Have fun.
    Kevin Love

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