Time to get dirty…

Posted: April 5, 2011 in Just Me
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Well it is time to start getting the Norton right, things need doing, things need checking, and things need putting right, you can never trust anything that has been done by the previous owners, and this bike is no exception, the wiring is a mess! you only have to touch a wire for it to fall out of its crimped location, so nothing for it but to pull all the bad wiring and do it right.

A65 and Dommi

So nothing for it, start pulling the bike apart, tank, seat, oil tank etc, this also gives me a chance to change the oil tank colour, as that big block of red, just doesn’t look “right” but I am not sure wether it should be re done black or silver. I have now also pulled the whole indicator system from the bike, and it is not going back on anytime soon.

Stripped for action..

With all this in mind I popped in to see Mick today, the guy I bought my Norton off, he races the things so always has a few of his knocking about the place, and today was no exception, he was playing with his Dommi, getting it ready for the weekend.. Anyway it is a good place to find inspiration for my project, and useful information about all things Norton..

Dommi Racer

Norton Twin


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