At the Rabbit Rally

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Just Me
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So last weekend was the annual Rabbit rally, hosted by the Rother Valley Triumph owners club, held at the robin Hood pub in Icklesham, East Sussex.  The trip down for me was a tad wet with heavy showers spread around the south of the UK on the Friday, a couple of which I hit on the way down, but I soon dried out when the sun came through. And as luck would have it, the rain dissapeared as the weekend progressed, which was great as we  (Ed, Graham,  & Grandad)were camping.

At the Rabbit.

While there we took a ride out into the lanes of East and West Susex, ending at the chalk carving of the Long Man of Wilmington, before hugging the south coast back to camp. It really is a good rally, and well worth trying to attend if you can find the time. great pub, good live bands, and good hosts.

In the lanes

Well next up is a trip into Wales…..


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