It Lives!…

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Just Me

So I hit the 4th weekend, and the news is……

It Lives!

I changed out the oil, it had been over filled, I just filled it again with cheap oil, ready for a new filter and oil change when it goes in for the MoT. I fitted new NGK plug caps, and amazingly, it still had the original factory plug caps fitted, so I have kept these back in case anyone is restoring a Z1b and wants to fit the propper caps.

In the shed

Next I fitted a new fuel tap, and checked everything for leaks, then full choke, power on, two kicks and away she went. big clouds of smoke from where she has been standing, I think the bores had been oiled too, a bit of a rattle as the oil circulated, and then it settled down fine.   Now it is firing up instantly on the button, so the MoT (Ministry Of Transport, test) is getting closer.

So I thought it may be time to fire it up….  Have a look in The Cutting Room…


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