2 B’s

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Just Me
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Kawasaki Z1b and Kawasaki H1b…

As the refurb of the Z1b gets closer to the end, my attention is drawn to the other bike in my lock up, a European model 1972 Kawasaki H1b 500 triple. I have had this bike a while now, since early summer or late spring. And have been looking for a replacement frame, and just this week I managed to find one, so the rebuild can get started in earnest.

Z1b and H1b

There was nothing structualy wrong with the old frame, but it had wrong frame number stamped on, for a different year! something that happened way back in its past, and something I never picked up when buying the bike, a silly mistake to make, remember reasearch is king.

Kawasaki H1b


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