NOS (new old stock) Parts…

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Just Me

I have finally managed to track down, and get hold of one of the very last NOS parts I have been looking for, for the Kawasaki Z1b. The top brake hose with wire surround part number (43059-007), this has been a hard part to track down, but track one down I did, actually it was over in the US, it even has a 1975 date tag.
I had troubled myself over this part, and wondered about fitting a 36 year old rubber part to my bike? but I need not have worried, the pipe has been sat on a shelf, and is still supple, and has no signs of age or perishing. So I see no reason not to fit it, I wonder how you guys feel on this?

Kawasaki brake hose

Yes, I know you can buy new top hoses, but they don’t have the wire surround, at least on the ones I have seen.

  1. Alexander says:

    I would mount it too. It would be a different thing, if the hose was installed and filled with brake fluid, but right off the shelf… Why not!?

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