Looking Back…

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Just Me
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I have been sorting through some old photo’s today,  looking back at some of my old bikes I used to own, so thought I would share some on here too.  It’s funny looking back, at the time I thought getting rid of certain bikes was the right decision, but now there are one or two I wished I had given more time. But then I guess we all feel like this when looking back at the past?

BSA A10 Bobber.

The A10 Bobber was a cool old bike, with siamese pipes and 16″ rear wheel, it sounded sweet too, never did get to finish it though.

Triumph T100-A Tiger

Now I loved this little bike, and did a fair amount of work to it, to get the look I was after,including changing the front brake to an 8″ TLS.

1978 Kawasaki Z650

My Kawasaki Z650, this made it to the cover of a classic bike magazine, I sold it shortly after, a big mistake..

Kawasaki Z1000-A2

My old Z1000, this has been my greatest regret, I should never have sold this bike, and knew that on the day it left, oh well at least I still have the memories..

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