Looking Back, part 2…

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Just Me
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I thought I would post a couple more pictures of my old bikes,  now winter is closing in here, dark mornings, and getting dark when I get home from work, I am not getting as much bike related stuff done as I would like, either with the camera, or actually on my bikes. Having said that, there are still some bike related days coming up.

BMW R65LS at Henley on Thames.

My old R65LS, this bike was a non runner, I bought for around £200 at one of the Kempton bike Jumbles.

Honda NX650 Dominator

The Honda was a blast to ride, a little noisy with its Laser comp silencer, but huge fun out in the lanes..

BSA A10 Road Rocket

The Road Rocket, this is a bike I should never have given up on, but to be fair, it was a money pit, I did loads to this bike, and it repaid me by playing up all the time, the vibration was dire at anything over fifty, and in the end I just had enough, so off it went.

BSA M33 and PAV-41

Finally my M33 and Pav 41, I think the picture speaks for itself..

  1. corecatcher says:

    Dominators are great bikes. had one for a year, also had XR600R. Great idea to write about past bikes. I must do the same some day if I can get the photos converted to digital format.


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