Manx Norton Replica Project…

Posted: December 4, 2011 in Just Me
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Where I am right now….
So having finished fixing up my Kawasaki Z1b, I have decided I need another project, I like to have a project, I find it a great way to relax after being at work all day, and I like searching out hard to find stuff, all my friends will tell you this….

Where I was back then….
For a couple of years now, I have wanted to build an old race style britbike, I mentioned this to Wade ( ) when he was over one time for the IoM BSA International, when we went to the Brooklands Museum. But those pre war singles cost big money, and may not be that practical for general use. But I was sure there was something out there that could look just right, and still be used in general for running around, and touring. So I thought long and hard on the matter, I studied all my pictures, and checked out bikes at shows, and I came to the conclusion, that what I wanted was a Norton “garden gate” plunger frame Manx or International 500 ! well wouldn’t we all! I am sure you know what I mean, plunger frame, big tank, roadholder forks, black and silver paint, fishtail exhaust, perfect. something like this one would do…

Norton Inter

But damn! these things are expensive, the one pictured below went for over £7000 on ebay just recently, and as you can see, needed a little work..

Norton Inter project

So where did that leave me then?

Well I knew I couldn’t afford a complete bike, so I started looking for a frame, but even these don’t come up very often, and I looked for around two years on and off, infact I had all but given up on the idea, when up came a frame at the right price. so I bought it.

Below is a picture of my 1951 Norton ES2 “Garden Gate” plunger frame, as I got it home..

51 Norton "Garden Gate"

More later..

  1. Enda says:

    Do you have spare rear suspension for norton 1949.
    i have norton 1949 un restore because have problem in my pluner.
    please help me ASAP.


  2. Andy says:

    The Norton Inter project is mine. It’s on the road and in regular use now (well not when it’s this cold and wet). Send me an email and I can send you a pic of the finished bike if you like.

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