Manx Project, part 2…

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Just Me
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Ok then I have a frame, that I guess in itself is a start, but only just. Now the real fun begins, finding the myriad of parts that make a piece of soulless rusty iron, a living, breathing motorcycle.

Now there are one or two parts that define certain motorcycles, and on the Norton it is the long International style tank, with the distinctive Silver and black paint, and cut away for the carb, along with the small loops on the tank top to attach a leather chin strap. The wrap around oil tank is another item that really needs to be there too.

Cases and Gearbox join the frame


Now having got the frame home, I started looking for parts, and here some friends came up trumps, donating a few parts to the project, I was given a set of cases and a “laydown” gearbox from Paul, and a seat from Graham. I also managed to pick up a small oil tank, and a set of very old and rusty long Roadholder forks.  I have since stripped the forks for refurbishment, but more on that later. Another item I found was a Model 18, 500cc motor, it is on standard bore, but needs a complete rebuild, but the price was right. I would have liked to find an alloy ES2 motor, but as yet that hasn’t happened.

Norton Brochure

More later..


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