Christmas Eve Bimble..

Posted: December 25, 2011 in Just Me
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I love the whole ethos of winter riding, the cold of the morning, and the warmth of the bike, riding with an open face helmet, picking up all the smells of winter as you ride the country lanes alone. And this morning was no different, I had a few cards to drop at friends and rels, it seems these days that the only way you can be sure they arrive, is to deliver them yourself, so that I what I did.



I dragged the cover from the beemer, and let it sit warming up in the chill morning air, there was still a touch of dampness on the road from last night torrential rain, but the wind had died down, and the sky was just winter grey.
Soon I was ready to go, firstly around town, and deliver the cards, then out into the countryside, and the little roads the criss cross the Kennet and Avon, where you get wafts of woodsmoke that hangs in the cold air drifting from the narrow boats on the canal.

Ufton Bridge

I stopped at one of the bridges to take a picture, this was at Ufton Nervet, and the road leading on to Ufton Court, an impressive Elizabethan manor house.
I carried on for a few more miles, before heading back towards home and a nice hot coffee.

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