It’s a New Year…

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Just Me
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I hope it is a good one, we shall see.

First job of the year on my BMW R80ST

As I live in the centre of town, and the majority of my BMW riding is at slower speeds (I don’t do motorways if I can help it) I decided that to get the most from my alternator I would install a Police spec regulator, that switches to charge the battery at lower revs. So I contacted the nice people at Motorworks, and they sent me a nice new Reg to fit, and that was done this morning.

So after removing the tank, and the CDI assembly, I could get to the allen screws holding the old Reg in place and remove the old unit.

Old Regulator


Then it was just a simple matter of replacing the old with the new smaller Reg, as you can see.


Ne Reg, fitted


The new unit is much smaller than the old, but as it is a BMW part, all the holes line up to make fixing it in place a doddle.

After that was all done, and as I had the tools out, I decided to check the valve clearances, they were all spot on, but I adjusted the inlets from 10 to 15, jst to see if it runs any better? we shall see.

Under the covers, this is what you see, just for any who have never worked on a BMW…


Rocker Assembly

Then a nice new set of Bosch W7 plugs, replace tank, and it fired right up. Once warmed up and off choke, I put the test meter across the battery, and sure enough the new Reg kicks in around 2000rpm giving 14.3v at the battery.




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