Norton Model 18 Engine… The Heart of a Motorcycle.

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Just Me
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I have an engine from a 1947 (?)  Norton model 18,  I think from what I have read concerning such matters that this is a year specific motor, as it has a Q prefix, suffix Q indicates quieting ramp cams (some 1947 singles)  although to be honest I have no idea what this actually means?

Model 18 "Q" Motor.

I am not sure what to do with this motor, I originally bought it to use in my ES2 project, but it is a bit old, and has an iron head etc of the earlier model years, and I would really prefer a later ES2 or Model 19 engine for my project. So I may offer it up for sale, or maybe someone has an ES2 or Model 19 unit they would like to swap for this motor?

1947 Model 18 Motor

Most of the parts seem to be here, including cams, oil pump, cam followers, push rod tubes and such, but it is missing a piston, rocker cover assembly, push rods and various screws etc. the barrel is still on standard bore size too, which is a bonus in itself. Maybe it will have to go on eBay.

Cam Box

Standard Bore

  1. Tom says:

    how much do you want from it?

  2. yulius says:

    how much do you want to sell the engine?

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