More of my Norton..

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Just Me
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I spent a little time tarting up the frame, well I had to do something about all that red primer that had been daubed  about with what can best be described as a relish!  but a morning of spray on oven cleaner,  warm soapy water, and 400 grade wet and dry, soon had the frame ready for some paint.

And this is the result…

Paint and Polish

well that was yesterday, and my kitchen still smells of paint this morning!  so as I was going to get some pictures, I thought I should see how the new oil tank will look when repaired, painted, and fitted, sometime in the near future.

Oil Tank

I also have to find out how these tanks are hung on the frame, which probably means going to look at old Norton’s, oh well, someone has to do it

  1. paul trw says:

    like the look of the frame kevin, and love reading your blog,, can’t wait to see this project on wheel’s

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