Velocette, Norton’s & Plungers…

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Just Me
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Today was a good day, today was the first “build” day,  I now have a few parts, and today they started going together

I had the rear plunger rods machined, and so today I took the frame, plunger rods, springs, and covers, over to Mick’s place to get some help fitting them on the frame, Mick has a homemade spring compressor just for doing the plungers, a job that would be tough to do without the use of a spring compession tool.

Norton Plunger Suspension


Garden Gate Suspension


And when I got back home I fitted the headstock assembly with the new bearings that turned up this week. I also have the parts needed to put the Roadholder forks together, so things are moving in the right direction.

There was a nice Velocette there while I was getting the rear suspension fitted, and a Norton on the bench too.


Velocette 500


Norton Single




  1. Louis says:

    Great progress
    I have the Mike Pemberton engine strip and rebuild DVD which has some useful tips for your
    engine work. Drop me a mail if you want to borrow it.

  2. Christian Benger says:

    … what means “machined rear rods” on the gardengate Norton. I do race a 500 Inter gardengate from 1938. I´m looking for a solution to get a better roadgoing rearwheel, as well as the fork is moving nervous. Please let me know, what you did? All the best & thanks Christian, Austria

    • englandkev says:

      Hi Christian, I would love to see a couple of pictures of your Norton.

      We made the inner rods for the rear plungers, I never had a set. that is all “machined” means. But have you seen my other post regarding the “factory” add on?

    • englandkev says:

      The Norton factory also had problems with the rear suspension, and and modifyed it like this…

      If you look at other pictures of the racing garden gate Nortons, you will find a few that have added dampers to the rear suspension. This is also confirmed in one of the books, Roy Bacon’s I think.

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