The Saturday Norton update…

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Just Me
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Busy, busy, busy…

So after building the rear suspension this week, my attention then turned to the front, and the Roadholder fork assembly, so here I needed a set of springs, as my ones had a couple of broken coils, and some new stanchions, as my old ones were badly corroded.


So today I set too, and sorted out the problem, and built the new ones up ready to fit. 



Then as I continue to ride my luck, I asked a question in the right place at the right time, and I became the owner of a pair of cast aluminium headlight ears.

Now these things always suffer damage to the lower lip, and these were no different, the lip was missing, and there was a crack in the casting too. But a little time in the shop, and I soon made a new alloy lip, that was quickly TIG welded into place, before being shaped to fit using an old set of Roadholder yokes as a fitting rig.

Headlight Ears




So that took a couple of hours to get sorted, and as I had the camera out I took a couple of workshop shots, you can even see a Norton International motor on the lift.

On the bench


Tool board.

A pretty good day as days go


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