Sometimes it can be a struggle!

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Just Me
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My Z1b is fighting me all the way, you would think it would be happy to be out of the confines of the iron box it had been in for so long, but it seems not. The winter has been fairly mild to be fair, but it has paid a price on my Kawasaki, I pulled it from the garage ready for the spring, and it would only run on two cylinders. So I dragged it to my local bike shop, where they let me throw it on a bench to find what was wrong. I started by pulling the carbs, and checked the jets, and blew air through it all. all seemed good in that area, but it still wouldn’t run, so we checked the coils,  one of those seemed off, so I fitted a new pair. Now it started blowing the main fuse.

So out with the meter, and it was found that one of the new coils was shot, totally. Bugger. So I ordered a new set, and as they arrived the next day, I fitted those, but still it would not run correctly, so off with the timing cover, to find a firework display coming from the points, so now a condenser has gone down too, again I have them ordered, we shall see where it goes next.

All I ever wanted to do was ride the thing!

Whats in the Van Mister?

I love calling round to see my friends,  you never know what you might find when calling in for a cup of tea, and this last visit was no different. This time Graham was there with his wonderful street legal AJS racer, havin g a sprocket changed ready for the track…

AJS Racer



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