More H1b’ing….

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Just Me
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Every time I make a little progress with this bike, I always seem to get kicked back   and today has been no exception.As you can see I have made some progress, and I think it looks pretty good for my first attempt at cleaning up a triple…


Kawasaki H1b


I have spent the best part of the weekend cleaning and degreasing my new motor, and today I thought I would get the bottom end in the frame, so I pulled the top end off the motor to go for vapour blasting and polishing, only to find that there are no small end bearings in the rods, no clips in the pistons, and the crank all rusty. I should have realised that something was wrong when every screw was loose, including the oil pump.


72 H1b


So are cranks interchangeable across the H1 range, I have a later crank here that came with the bike, will that fit the earlier cases?  and are all small end bearings the same?  as I will need to find some of those. Oh well, it looks like a full engine build now as well then.


Kawasaki Tripple


Who knows, I might even get it going this year.

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