Norton, Ace bars and Rear Sets…

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Just Me
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Things have been a bit quiet on the Norton front of late, as summer has happened upon us, and the classic show season gets under way, time, in itself becomes tight. But then to be fair, this was aleways going to be a semi winter project, and I am suprised at just how far I have come already.

Norton ES2 Special

So for me the summer is about enjoying the bikes I own, and searching out, and collecting a few parts, if I happen to find anything that I really want. But that doesn’t mean that the interest level is turned way down low, oh no. I have idea’s of the direction I want my build to go, the style, the shape, the “feel”. So I am always interested in what is out there. And when I heard that an ES2 that Mick had built a few years back as a special had appeared, and was bought by Jim, another aquaintance of mine, I had to have a look. Especially as it had been fitted with Ace bars and home made rear sets…

ES2 & Model 7

Mine is going in the shop tomorrow, to have the fork legs pulled into the yokes, I am also taking my alloy front mud guard in to have the front lip put on.

Ace Bars

Rear Sets

  1. Conrad Duncan says:

    Love the rear -sets, could you expand on if the parts , ie brake pedal and gear selector are exsisting parts adapted or made up from scratch. I’m making a racer from a Model 19R frame and would love to know. Cheers

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