More Norton Tales..

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Just Me
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Way back near the start of the year, I picked up some nice old unused alloy mudguards at Kempton jumble, very light and perfect for the clubman look I am after. The problem was, they were not a true set. they were in fact both rears, one a complete rear with removable panel for changing the wheel, the other was the large section, missing the smaller rear section, so not only was it not complete it was also the wrong shape for the front, being square-cut, and having two holes, as you can see…

Now what I wanted, was the guard to be re shaped, and a raised lip put on, like you see on older guards of the period, but I wasn’t sure I could do this job at home, but I knew someone who could, so last week I dropped off the section, and explained what I needed, today I collected the finished item, it just needs a good polish now..



New shaped Lip

Lip Added

There is also another project on ebay right now, it is a 1931? Norton CS1 500,  if you look at the frame you can see a lot of differences when compared to my later frame, the plunger units are bigger, and the frame tubes holding them are tube, where as mine are cast, the top tube is straight, my one has a crook in it, and there are other changes too.

CS1 Project

CS1 500cc motor


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