BMW R80ST Trouble…

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Just Me

I took the ST out today on a coffee run, to blow the cobwebs out, but as I stood drinking my coffee I noticed a lot of oil over the back tyre and wheel, So it seems I have a leak, and I am not sure where from, I am hoping it is the brake cam shaft again, ( although I only changed the o-rings last year) so I am going to replace the shaft o-rings, and run it to see if it leaks again. something has let go though, as my rear tyre got covered but to be fair, my R80 has been Mr reliable, it just goes and goes.

R80ST Rear Wheel

So after getting it all cleaned up, and dropping by my local shop for some free o-rings, rubber grease, and borrowing some of their brake cleaner, I put it all
back together with fresh oil in the drive unit. It was then I found the cause of the problem, the filler breather on top of the bevel drive had corroded up inside, blocking the breather holes, so the bevel drive had got too hot and blew the oil out past the brake cam shaft o-rings. So I now have a new breather on order, and a spare set of o-rings.

Oil Leak


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