K100RS an update..

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Just Me
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Today I once again pulled the bike out of the lock up,  the master cylinder is weeping quite badly, I preempted this by wrapping some cloth around the master cylinder and brake lever, so none of the brake fluid has reached the painted area of the tank or fairing. I need to look at how you get the assembly apart, and get the lever off, ready to do a rebuild, any help in this from those who have done it would be nice.


K100RS & Z1b

Next I added some redex to the fuel in the tank, to give the injector system a clean up, and here I have some good news,  on starting the bike this time I had NO smoke, so maybe the initial smoking was caused by the long-term standing, maybe the original owner oiled the bores before laying the bike up, who knows, but it only had a light wisp of smoke from where I used the choke to start the bike, once warm it ran clean.

My next job of the morning was to try to remove the loose-fitting belly pan, this turned into a full on job, as someone had managed to cross thread one of the four outer mounting bolts, ripping away the pressed in nutsert from the mounting frame. After an enormous amount of swearing, I manged to drop the frame with the belly pan attached, and was finally able to get the bolt out of the loose nutsert. I shall have a new nut welded on the frame this week, I will also get a spot of weld attached to the other nutserts.  But at least while this was all free I was able to degrease and clean the motor in this area.

So that is my update for this week,  just a couple of pictures to finish off with,  My K100 and Z1b.





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