Small Italian Motorcycles at Kempton..

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Just Me
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On Saturday I called over to the Bike Jumble at Kempton Park here in the UK, this is a regular Jumble (Flea Market) held throughout the year, so worth looking out for if you are visiting the UK. The sun was out, so were the people, it was a great day out, and to make it even better, there were loads of small Italian bikes for sale, and a very nice Bultaco Mercurio 125. My favourite thou was the Gilera Sport 150. this was in great running oily rag condition with very nice patina. and if I had taken the money with me, I would have bought it. Perfect bikes for the MotoGiro.


Moto Morini


MotoGiro anyone?


Gilera Sport 150







  1. Loved the post, the small bore tiddlers are getting pricey here in the US because of the popularity of the ‘Giro. I’m always looking around for bikes that qualify but don’t cost an arm and a leg. The Italian 250’s are getting scarce and expensive.

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