It was time for a change…. Moto Guzzi Ambo

Posted: November 19, 2012 in Just Me
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First steps into Guzzilland…

So I sold everything I had kicking about the place, I decided I needed a simpler life! so apart from my trusty R80ST, and my Norton project, everything had to, has gone, the Z1b, gone, the H1, gone, the Enfield, gone, the K100-rs, gone, the newly acquired at Kempton, R80ST, gone!

There was space in my garage, and peace and harmony in my life, I could just ride the R80ST, and build the Norton, Perfect, we have balance in the shed and my life, and I feel good about the whole deal.

Well I did, that was until Paul the optician, and lover of all things Italian told me about a 70 Moto Guzzi Ambassador that was for sale, and how he knew I always wanted one, and how I now had space, and how I should really just buy it.

So I did,

Now here’s a thing, I have never had anything Italian before,  but I have loved Alfa’s from way before the dead sea was even sick, although I have never owned one, one day maybe, a nice red GTV 2000, .

But now I have arranged to buy this 1970 V7 750, and I may even have it at home here this weekend, if all the planets align, that is.  We shall see!

1970 Guzzi Ambo

So Sunday morning after the alarm had told me to get up, I left home a quarter past dark, all my pockets loaded with beer tokens, I had my tank bag, helmet, gloves, and glasses, I joined the frosty streets, and headed for the station for the first of three rail journeys to Guzziland.

The first train from Reading to Paddington was bang on time, so I sat enjoying my first coffee of the day as we trundled into London, where I would join the underground for a quick trip to Kings Cross. Or so I thought!
It seems the underground people forgot to finish their work on time again, so all the lines I needed were shut, so I split a taxi with a woman who was off to Europe, and a couple of Germans, and made it just in time for my train to Newark, and another fine coffee, and….. relax.

An hour and a half later and I was met at Newark by the owner of the Guzzi, so a fifteen mile drive north soon had us opening the garage door to see my new bike. And it was smaller than I thought it would be, but looked great, and oh so stylish. With the bike started and checked over, all good, and the beer  tokens extracted from various pockets, and counted, all good, paperwork signed, one last check, and I was away heading 160 miles home on my first Guzzi…

My first Guzzi

Well all was going great, I was getting into the Guzzi vibe, and we were cruising along at 65, the sun was out, on a chilly blue sky day, and I was having fun, when my foot slipped off the left hand peg, and on putting it back, it slipped off again! what the hell, I looked down to see my foot and leg covered in oil! just then I neared a junction so pulled off, killed the engine and coasted to a halt, the whole left side of the bike was covered in oil, it was dripping off everywhere. Bugger! luckily just over the road was a pub, The Elm Tree (good old England) so I freewheel’ed down to their car park, and called out the recovery truck. It will be hours they said, and it was!  so I hit the pub for some lunch, Ham Egg, and chips… Mmmmm

70 Ambassador

Pure Italian Style

And that is where I stayed, way into darkness, broke down at 14.45, got home at 21.00…. 64 miles on the first trip, it can only get better? let the fun begin.

  1. paul trw says:

    oh Kevin, yet another fantastic looking bike, and what with all your travels im sure there is a book in you somewhere, look forward to reading it like the one about the guzzi, love to know the outcome of the oil leak

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