Guzzi Ambo on the Bench..

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Just Me
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All day in the fettling shed today, with the bike on the bench. First job was to clean up the oily mess from last weekend, so everything was washed down with brake cleaner, and then wiped dry.

Next I removed the carbs and gave them a clean up, before setting to with the oil leak. This it seems was all coming from the breather assembly, the short fat hose was perished and split, the thin hose was just an old bit of plastic fuel line, that was a loose fit on the solid pipes, and I feel this is where the oil came from.

So with the whole lot removed, I made some new hoses, and installed new clamps, before throwing the whole assembly back together. Then it was time to sort out the mess that is the Guzzi four way fuel splitter, diabolical, what were they thinking? again all the rubber hoses had perished and were splitting, so all was replaced, I shall be removing all this in the near future, and replacing with the neater BMW system using three-way splitters and a cross pipe.

Breather pipes

Next on the list it was time to set the valve clearances, simplicity itself, far better than the BMW airhead. so with that lot back together, I looked at the ignition system, the points were in great shape, so I just cleaned them up, and oiled the throw out weights, the distributer cap had signs of arcing off one of the contact plates? but I cleaned it up and the rotor arm, before checking the plug wires. These were way too loose in the cap, so I adjusted the ends for a tighter fit, but I will order a new Cap, rotor arm, and plug wires this week.

Here comes the spark

With all this back together she fired right up, and sounded great, and there was no sign of an oil leak anywhere, so once real warm, I changed out the oil, I think the previous owner had over filled it to which may have had something to do with the leak?

Next on the list is a carb rebuild and balance, they seem out to me, and the tickover was way too fast, so far so good, should be sunny tomorrow, so may go for a ride.

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