Harris Magnum – Kawasaki… Pigford builds a Special..

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Friends
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Mark (Pigford) gets a special, in the form of a Harris Kawasaki…

So, i’ve been hankering after a “proper” trick framed bike for some time now…… And as a dedicated Big Zed Kawasaki fan – when this bike turned up I just had to go for it. Its been sat around, just cobbled together very roughly, for some years. Consisting of a nice green Harris Magnum 1 frame & alloy tank, seat unit, Ducati 916 complete rear end, GSXR1100 USD front end, KZ1000A1 motor & carbs + box of bits; rear sets, clocks, shox, electrics, etc..

Harris Magnum – Kawasaki

Kawasaki Motor

Ducati Swingarm

Right then  – as you know the Harris is all about HANDLING – so I shall not be tweaking the motor too much, I’ve a set of slightly “lumpier” cams and some VM29 smoothbore Mikuni’s. So far I’ve sold the GSXR USD front end and the Ducati 916 rear end – as they are the usual suspects for modded bikes  My plan is to keep it looking a bit more Old Skool. I have a ZZR1100 RWU front end and have tracked down a loverly JMC, double braced swing arm, and some 17″

Dymag rear wheel


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