California Dreaming…

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Just Me
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So sang the Mama’s and papa’s, all those years ago, and with a frost on the ground today, and a blue sky laid on thick and high, California Dreaming  was calling my name.

Now as it so happens I had a look over the new Guzzi California on Friday, I had called Corsa Italiana to buy a dizzy cap and rotor arm for my Ambo, and parked up outside was the new bike.

California Dreaming

California Dreaming

It still has the style of the old original Cali, but being aimed at the older owner with spare cash, it is now more easy chair than easy rider, it has lost some of the edge of the original, which is a shame.

Moto Guzzi California

Moto Guzzi California

But today, Saturday, was all about playing with the Ambo, I had an electrical fault I needed to fix on the lighting side, I also wanted to stick a strobe on and check the timing, so after taking it out for a warm up, and a coffee for me, I dropped by my local garage, where the owner let me pull it inside in the warm to do the work…

Out for Coffee

Out for Coffee

So first things first, I fitted the new distributer cap and rotor arm, then we connected up the strobe, and all was bang on where it needed to be, next job was finding out why I had no rear light, this turned out to be a rats nest of bad wiring and loose connectors. Well no sooner had we found the cause, Mark the garage owner, chopped the lot out and rewired the whole front end back into the headlight, and fuse box, all new wires, correctly soldered, and finished with heat shrink. And he never charged me for the work. It just goes to show, ther are still great people out there who care what they do.

Moto Guzzi Ambassador

Moto Guzzi Ambassador

So another Saturday goes past, and the bike gets a little better, the next two jobs will be the front fork oil, and the dynamo cover.


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