My Norton, an update..

Posted: December 9, 2012 in Just Me
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A few people have asked me how I am coming along with the Norton project, so I thought I would take some pictures today, and give a little update…

As of now I am still pulling parts together, to build the motor, I now have a most of the bottom end, plus a barrel, and a 350cc head, that has been machined to fit a 500, I have rockers and rocker cover, oil pump (x3), cams, etc, although I would like to find some late model 16H cams, for my bike, but they are proving hard to find.
The gearbox has been rebuilt, so is ready to fit, rear wheel is away to be built, still looking for a front hub, so as you can see I am getting there slowly, but then no one said it was a race.

Norton Clubman

Norton Clubman

Norton Engine and box

Norton Engine and box

Norton project

Norton project

  1. Andy says:

    Did you consider a set of cams from Mike Pemberton? I have a set in my ES2 and they make it a whole new bike. Plus it sounds like a Manx!

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