The Guzzi Chronicles…. cont..

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Just Me
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Well now that winter is starting to fade away, I had a play with the Guzzi Sunday morning in my ongoing battle with the L/H oil leak? so I pulled the rocker gear and re-torqued all the head bolts, they all seemed to be where they should be, and I never noticed any loose ones. So I bolted it all back together, adjusted the tappets, etc. the plugs were a fantastic grey colour, so the mixture seems to be on the money.
I then gave it a little choke, turned on the fuel, and hit the starter, and she just fired right up, fantastic considering it has been sitting for a month in this cold (for us) weather. I never got a chance to give it a ride, but let it warm up in the garage.
I have now ordered a gasket set, so will pull the heads in a week or two, to see if I can find where the oil is coming from, this will also give me a chance to check the bores too.
This old Ambo was on Ebay USA,  looks a bit sad right now, but will be a great project for someone, it also has some nice parts on it, like those little rear passenger foot plates..
As seen on Ebay

As seen on Ebay

Needs a little work

Needs a little work

I wonder who bought it? it would be good to see it back on the road.

I also got to play with my BMW R80ST, this old bike suffers from the weather, because I make it live out on the street,  and because we have had windy weather, blowing the road salt around, the clutch cable had gone a little rusty, and so needed replacing. As it happens I have had a spare in my panniers for over a year, I like to take a spare when out on a trip, it just makes sense.  So I pulled the old cable, and half an hour later the new one was in place, it then took me close to an hour to get it adjusted, there is just so little room at the back of the gearbox to get to the adjuster.

But it was done soon enough, and I took it for a test ride on a cold but dry sunday morning. It was nice to be back riding a bike, and now I am looking forward to some nice spring weather.

R80ST in Wales 2012

R80ST in Wales 2012

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