Out on a Sunday…

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Just Me
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Sunday morning was upon me, so I thought what should I do with it? I know, I shall drag the Guzzi from its slumbers, and have a pootle about in the direction of the Barge, and maybe look into booking a few places for a camping weekend later in the year.

So I walked down to my lockup, and dragged the old girl out, she was a bit sluggish to start, the cold had got to the battery, but it did start. Next I had to find a garage as both tyres were pretty soft, so once that was sorted, and after a blast round the block, to make sure all was well, I headed out.


Out for Coffee

Out for Coffee


The first thing I needed to do though was find a roadside coffee hut, and grab a bacon roll and coffee, well that wasn’t to hard to sort out and I was soon getting on the outside of both…

while enjoying the coffee, a nice little Fiat 500 pulled up..


Fiat 500

Fiat 500



Coffee and roll now done I once more headed out, to do my task for the day, and having done that I returned home to give the Guzzi and my R80 a good wash, to clear the lingering road salt that blows about at this time of the year…


Guzzi and Beemer

Guzzi and Beemer


My Bikes

My Bikes


Once that was done, I adjusted up the gear linkage assembly on the Guzzi before dropping it back to the lockup.

I am so looking forward to warmer days…


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