The Guzzi Chronicles, Cont…

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Just Me
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As I get more involved in Guzzi ownership, and start to tidy up those little things on my Ambo, I noticed that the twin pull throttle cables were taped together where they enter the throttle body. It was right about then that I noticed some of the V7 range had single pull throttles, and some like mine have a twin pull setup, but why the difference?
I had a look in the Ambo parts book, and it only shows a single pull option, but mine is fitted with a full twin cable setup, two down to a splitter, and two out to the carbs. So knowing that I need to sort out the sticky taped up mess, I started watching ebay to see what was available, well last week a nice Tommaselli Daytona 2c twin pull throttle appeared, with a nice low start price, and when it ended with no other bidders I got a bargain.


Old Throttle

Old Throttle


Now I already own a single pull Daytona, I have had it a while ready for a future classic cafe  project!


Tommaselli Throttles

Tommaselli Throttles








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