The Guzzi Chronicles, Cont…

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Just Me
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Those Little Things…

I guess we all have a list of those little things that niggle at us on our bikes, things we keep saying we are going to fix or change, but in reality we always seem to put off till another day. Well on my Guzzi it has been the rear number (license) plate (too big, too yellow) The oil leak from the left hand cylinder area, and those little dash lamps.  So starting with the most serious of them, the oil leak, I have decided to fit a set of Gilardoni cylinder kits, I would have to strip the top end down anyway to get to the head seals, so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone, and cure a problem that hasn’t happened yet, the chrome liners, that are prone to failure with these bikes, and fit some Nikaseal lined cylinders. I managed to find a company in Germany who had them in stock, so ordered a set last week, they should be here some time this coming week, if all goes well, and I can get to the cause of the leak from day one with this bike.

Yellow Plate

Yellow Plate

So last week I ordered up an old style pressed aluminium black and silver rear plate, which arrived Friday, so yesterday I set about fixing that particular little niggle…

New Plate

New Plate

Next on my list are those dash lights,  mine are all faded, and different types? some work, some don’t, and I am not even sure which ones do what at the moment. So I looked into buying new ones, found some on US ebay, but way too expensive £80 + shipping for four, and then I may get hit with customs etc. I then found that the guys in Germany do them for half that price, and offered to ship them free with my new Cylinders. So they should be here this week too, so I can sort out another little niggle. Of course this won’t be the last, as you all know too well. And a point in case, was spotted this morning with a pool of oil under the left hand fork drain screw, so that has now joined the list too

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