A Little Norton Update…

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Just Me
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I have just managed to get a nice late-model, 350cc alloy head, this will be opened up for use on the 500, with new valves etc. this will be used in combination with a BSA B50 high comp piston, and a set of custom profiled high lift cams, to give it all a little omph!
My rear wheel has been built around a 19″ flanged alloy rim, with stainless spokes, and will wear a 4-00 x 19 tyre. And today I picked up a 21″ front wheel with twin leading brake, just to get me moving while I look to find a conical front hub.
My frame is about to go into the shop to have some brackets welded on, so that I can move the brake pedal and foot rests back a piece, and fit some rear sets on the gear change side.

Today has been a Norton day again, cleaned up all the threads on the new alloy head, then I managed to get hold of a late-model rocker box assembly, and bolted that all together ready to go off to the vapour blaster this week. Then it can have the machining done to fit a 500 barrel, and a new set of racing valve
guides and valves fitted. I will also have the inlet tract polished up a bit too.


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