Garden Gate Inter…

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Just Me, Links..
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I found this picture out there in web land, while searching ideas for my Norton Clubman project build, there are so many parts of this bike I like, and would like to copy on my build. The flanged alloy rims, and stainless spokes are already in the mix, I need to sort the little polished scoop for the front brake, and I like the double hoop rear mudguard stay too.

Norton Garden Gate

Norton Garden Gate

I should be picking up the rear wheel this coming weekend, so as soon as I throw a tyre on the rim I shall have a go at getting the rear guard fitted up, then it is decision time, on whether to get the alloy guards polished or painted black?

Picture was found here…

  1. Jon Newton says:

    The alloy rims were works fitment in 1937 though actually painted black not to draw attention to them. ..

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