My Norton Project… Odds & Ends…

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Just Me
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I picked up a couple of bits for the Norton on Saturday at the Kempton bike jumble, one of the parts was the front fork brace and mudguard support, I found
it in a box of old junk, and it cost me just £2.00 or $3.00 for the colonials out there.

So today I thought I should just check to see how it all fits together, this is not the wheel I will be using, as that is yet to be built, but it is a 21″ wheel so is right for testing.


Dry Fit

Dry Fit


New Handle bars

New Handle bars


My next job is to convert this old damaged Triumph conical hub into a Manx style single leading shoe race hub, and although it won’t be correct in every detail,
it will be close enough to give the look I am after.


Conical Hub

Conical Hub



First job is to remove all the fins from the outer edge, luckily this one was already damaged in this area, this may have helped in me getting it cheaply off of the Bay..


Broken Fin, A good thing.

Broken Fin, A good thing.

Then it will be away to be powder coated black, before I start to convert a Norton brake plate to fit…




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