A Little Rambling Post…. John Bull, & BSA Bantams..

Posted: April 12, 2013 in Just Me
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I have now booked myself in for the John Bull Rally over in Belgium at the end of the month, hopefully I will be on my Moto Guzzi, but if not it will be with my trusty old R80st. So if you see an old guy with a shaved head, and a camera glued to his hand, that will be me,  so stop me and say hello.

John Bull Rally, details can be found here…..  https://backstreetthunder.wordpress.com/tag/john-bull-rally/

I always have a camera with me, I never leave home without it, so I always have some odd pictures kicking about the hard drive of my PC, nothing fancy, just shots I take as and when I get the chance.  But the thing is, I always intend to use the pictures, but as I take so many, they soon start to add up, and often get forgotten about. Such is the case with these next few…

BSA Bantams

BSA Bantams



BSA Bantam

BSA Bantam

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