The John Bull Rally, 2013…

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Just Me
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Blimey, where did that weekend disappear too? the john Bull Rally, over there in dat der Belgium, well so much to say, so complicated, so confusing, so well Belgian!

I left home late on Thursday on my old trusty Beemer, heading for the channel ports, in amazing spring sunshine, a sub plan existed, along the lines of, a beer with Graham, before meeting up with Geoff and Sarah, at the hotel, this would be the hotel that charges some people £45, and me £89 for the same nights stay! Bastards. But I digress, I did get to the hotel, and all was looking fine, the sun was still beating down, and my bike was running great, so I pop in to register at reception, and then pop back out to go for beer, with Graham, but the now flat tyre put a stop to that!…

So I have a puncture, no worries, I will just get out my kit and fix it, except, the spare tube, tyre levers, and repair kit are all back at my house, because I forgot to pack them! Arghhh.
Ok then I thought, I shall give Geoff a call, to see if he has a spare tube in the M21 outfit…

Now this is where things start to go off at a tangent, as my tyre flat takes its place behind this little tale…
Hi Geoff/Sarah, do you have a spare tube in the outfit, I could use as I have a flat, “yes we do, but we are not in the outfit, we are heading down now on the Triumph”
Well I am sure you have all seen the old silent movies, with Buster Keaton, or Charlie Chaplin, where the sidecar outfit is passed by its own wheel, well that is what happened to Geoff and Sarah, when the axle broke as they headed down hill to a roundabout, and ended up embedded in an embankment! I kid you not.
But they were both fine, the outfit was recovered home, and they loaded the Triumph and once again headed south.
At this point I phoned Ed, and asked him if he could help with a tube, he could, and would, but not till later, but that was fine, meantime Geoff’s mate Alan, turned up on the other M21 outfit, and he immediately set to helping me with the Beemer, wheel out tube out, and a small hole was found, but no cause could be seen anywhere? then Ed pulled up with a new tube before flying off again for a curry.

So we threw the tyre and tube back together, and gave it some air, but the new Avon would not seat on the rim, we tried everything, but it would not seat, 60psi with a foot pump over and over again, but still no joy, it was now dark and cold, and still flat.
So I called the breakdown services to get them to bring a compressor round, that combined with a liberal coating of silicone spray finally had it fixed.

So we all adjourned to the pub for a well deserved Beer, because in the morning we are off to Belgium.

Tea please

Tea please

John Bull, A Family Event

John Bull, A Family Event

With the morning came the rain, and we all awoke to a wet grey day in old blighty, but it was only a short hop down hill to the ferry port, and we were soon getting on the outside of a very nice breakfast. My tyre on the BMW was still inflated, Mr Ed and Bryan, had joined us by this time too, so we were looking forward to a ride, and the forthcoming rally.

The ride to the rally site itself was pretty uneventful, but pleasant enough in the cold grey morning rain, but by the time we arrived at Karelstaat, it had dried up, so we set to with getting the tents erected, and heading off for a beer or two and a big bowl of Chili.
The morning was dry and bright with the promise of a nice day, so I thought I would get the camera out for a few shots before breakfast..

Nice Single

Nice Single AJS

BSA Combo

BSA Combo

So that was another John Bull Rally, it was overall a good rally, with great hosts, the site was fantastic, and it had a great atmosphere, the only negative to the whole weekend was the fiasco over the beer vouchers, that some of us, including me had paid for, but were  missing from our envelopes,  and although reported, no one wanted to believe us, they thought we were trying it on!  I opened my envelope in front of five or six regular rally goers, they all saw that the beer voucher was missing.  I never got a replacement voucher, or an apology! Bad form I think.

More pictures here…

  1. Pete Young says:

    I love that “Tea Please” note.

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