My Norton Project Gets an Engine…

Posted: May 18, 2013 in Just Me
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It has been a struggle so far this year balancing the time between two projects, my Guzzi is in bits awaiting a fork seal tool to arrive from the USA, Why can’t I find one here in the UK? and my Norton has again taken a back seat, as I continue to search for parts for the engine.
Try as I might, I have been unable to find a crank assembly, and on mentioning this to my Norton friends, I was offered a complete 1948 model 18, 500 competition engine, of unknown condition, for a good price. And on first look all seemed to be Ok, it turned over on the crank nut, so I shook hands on the deal.

Well today I was able to lift the motor onto the bench to have a quick look inside, this in itself was to be a real surprise!
After undoing the stainless head bolts and removing the head, we were surprised to find a newly built engine, of 550cc, comprising of a polished crank and con rod, a re-bored barrel, and new BSA B50 hi compression piston, it was also fitted with an Al-Fin head, this head had also been rebuilt with new large valves. It seems this motor had been put together for competition use, but then put away and never used.
It now just needs pulling apart, cleaning, checking for clearances, and putting back together again, a right result.

Welworthy Al-Fin Head

Wellworthy Al-Fin Head

New Valves

New Valves

Hi Compression Piston

Hi Compression Piston


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