Norton Inter Brake Lever…

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Just Me
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As I continue to make inroads into my Norton project, I am always looking out for those little parts that will set my bike apart from just another ES2, I really want my project to have the feel and look of a true clubman spec bike, and while I know that I have limitations caused by the frame and the motor I have to use(Inter frames are different, and expensive, and Inter motors won’t fit the ES2 frame)I can at least try to find some of the parts that will fit, like my oil tank.

So with a Kempton jumble looming this very Saturday, I mentioned to a couple of friends that I would like them to keep their eyes open for an International front brake lever. now these are hard to find, because they are long, actually they are 8″ long not counting the bracket. But the clutch lever is a standard 7″ long. This is because the Inter only had a single leading shoe front brake, and so needed the extra stopping power a longer lever could give.
So you can imagine my surprise when Mick went to his tray of odd levers, and pulled out just such a lever, complete with bracket, and said I could have it. I have to be honest here, I never thought I would find one. Just another little step in the right direction, at the end of the day, no one else may notice these things, but I will know I have tried my best.

Brake Lever

Brake Lever


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