The Norton Project….

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Just Me
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I have thought for a while now, that I want my Norton to look a little different from the standard ES2 & Model 18 singles that are out and about, there are to be fair some very nice bikes out there, and you have seen a few I have posted in this thread. But I would like mine to stand apart, so with this in mind I decided a while back that I would finish my engine in black, like they do on some Manx engines, and some of the Vincent models. I am going to leave the alloy heads and rocker cover silver, as will be the push rod tubes.

Now I know some of the purists out there will tut tutting loudly into their earl grey, but this bike was never going to be factory finish, lets face it, all the parts are coming from either ebay, jumbles, or other peoples sheds.


Norton Clubman

Norton Clubman


Coming Together Slowly

Coming Together Slowly



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