The Guzzi Chronicles… Craven Panniers..

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Just Me
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I managed to get a little time in the lock-up this weekend, and that means I got a little work done on the Guzzi. First job was to re-instate the missing starter button, I had bought a used button from the US a while back, and have had it sitting here all cleaned and ready to fit. So today I did just that.

First I had to identify the brown wire from behind the ignition switch, there was a choice of two, but one stood out as being the correct wire, and so it seemed, as when connected to a live it fired up the starter solenoid. So I quickly re routed the wires into the headlight, bucket, and that was that.

My next outstanding job was to try to fit the Craven Pannier rack and Comet panniers, that Rob Farmer had given me earlier in the year. This turned out to be a lot trickier than I thought, and would have been a little easier with two pairs of hands.
But, I kept at it, trying different configurations of brackets, until I found a system that worked, now all I have to do is a little adjustment, and change out the odd nuts and bolts for good quality stainless items, and wire in some rear indicators.


Craven Luggage

Craven Luggage

Guzzi & craven's

Guzzi & craven’s




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