Berkshire Triumph..

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Just Me
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I took a ride out on my Guzzi Ambo over to the Berkshire Triumph show, hosted by the local TOMCC, the sun disregarded the broadcast severe weather warning of torrential rain and flash floods, and instead beat down on us under blue sky’s all day. I do however think the weather warnings played a part in holding some of the people back, as numbers were down on last year.

Triumph Bobber

Triumph Bobber

The Guzzi ran better than it ever has in my ownership, the clutch was almost smooth and not grabbing in first, and even though it got quite hot in the local Saturday traffic, I had no oil leaks from the motor. That just leaves the small weeping leak from the back of the gearbox to sort out at a later date.

Vintage Kawasaki W650

Vintage Kawasaki W650

If you would like to see more pictures from the show, there is a slideshow here…

  1. rjbuxton says:

    Nice post. I think most recent years have been so bad that we can’t quite believe that the sun continues to shine. My current bugbear is the gusty winds we are having in the South West this year – almost gale forces sometimes – and always pushing the Cali III about. Ride Safe.

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