A Norton Puzzle?…

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Just Me
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At the weekend I came across something I have not seen before, and have heard no mention of it previously in all my Norton searches.

I came across an old Norton 30, 500 International,plunger frame model from the late 40’s, that had been owned by the same old boy since way back when. But this one was different, the rear suspension had been modified, and on further discussion I was led to believe that this was a Norton “Works” modification?

Norton Works Modification?

Norton Works Modification?

So anybody heard of or have reference to this modification? and do any of you out there have an idea on where I could find these small rams so that I could do this to my project?

  1. silverdollar31 says:

    Hello Kevin, I to have a Norton i am restoring (es2) so have been following your progress. Good work chap, as for the work’s mod in your picture i have seen it on picture but were i am not sure. Will have a good did through my stuff and try to find it.
    Tim Roberts.

    • englandkev says:

      Hi Tim, if you want to tell us a little of your Norton, and maybe a picture, drop me an email and I will post it here on my blog…

      • silverdollar31 says:

        Hi Kevin,
        Found the info on the Norton, its in a book by Roy Bacon tilted Norton Singles. In the book it has a illustration showing the works rear suspension with added hydraulic dampers as used from 1947, and it also has a photo of a bike with them on. Hope this is of some use to you.

      • englandkev says:

        Thanks, I will check it out…

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