Black Bess, Rides Out…

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Just Me
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Ok then here are the pics from the Rally…

At short notice I decided to attend the V-Twin rally down in Fordingbridge on the edge of the New Forest, down in Hampshire, I thought it was about time to give my Ambo “Black Bess”  it’s first rally, and as a couple of friends were going, I loaded up the bike for the first time, and headed out.
Now this long weekend coincides with with the last week of the school holidays, so you can guess what the roads were like, they were rammed full of people trying to get away. But I pointed my old bike south, and just filtered through the long lines of standing traffic, the sun shining, a warm breeze blowing, and my Guzzi rattling away underneath me, and taking the miles in its stride.

About an hour into the journey I pulled into a service station, to give the bike and myself a rest, and as the Guzzi ticked away as the motor cooled down I looked it over for signs of oil, and Nothing, not a drop, all was dry. so twenty minutes later I once again started the old thing up, and headed South again on the last leg of my journey, this time it was the small scenic roads across the New Forest, and the worst lunch I have ever eaten, courtesy of the Fighting Cocks just outside Fordingbridge! avoid it with a very long pole, I wonder how you can both overcook something, and still serve it cold?  Ten minutes later though and I was pulling into Rally central, and signing in, to a very busy rally field.

BSA V Twin

BSA V Twin

Indian Scout

Indian Scout

Moto Guzzi V7 Sport

Moto Guzzi V7 Sport

More pictures can be seen here…

  1. rjbuxton says:

    Only 12 miles for us, so we didn’t need to camp. The big worry about riding home from the Saturday night entertainment was whether the sign at the gate was correct and that they truly did get locked at sunset,

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