Castrol R on the Breeze…

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Just Me
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Sunday morning saw me taking my trusty BMW R80ST out for a ride, autumn has turned up,  with a big blue sky, and a warm breeze. So it seemed only right to go out and enjoy the last throws of summer while I can.  But where to go? that my friends is the question.

Not too far from where I live, they have a small classic Scramble track (Scramble is old time Moto-Cross) so I thought that may be worth a morning out, and sure enough I was not dissapointed.  As I rode down the country lanes towards the track, I could hear the bark of competition bikes echoing off the trees, and the air was heavy with dust and Castrol R. Perfect.



I thought I would start with a quick walk around the paddocks to see what was there, only to be greeted with a monster of competition bikes in the form of an AJS 7R, fantastic, and of course as you will see there were many other great classic bikes about the place as well.

Getting Air

Getting Air




I have more pictures to see if you follow the linky…

I hope you enjoy it.


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