The Guzzi Chronicles …

Posted: November 18, 2013 in Just Me
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Once again the Guzzi finds itself in bits, this time the heads are off again, and are away to have new valve guides fitted. A year has slipped by since I bought the Guzzi, and I am still finding things that need attention.  A year, wow where did that go, the Guzzi has been fun over the last year, fun, but frustrating too.

One of the problems I have had since owning the bike has been the right hand exhaust lock nut thread on the head, some time in the past, the nut has come loose and damaged the threads. So one of the Guzzi guys in the US sent me a head with good threads, but as I was unsure of the valves I have decided to do the valves and guides on both heads at the same time.

Now I have only done a little over 600 miles I guess, since fitting the new barrels and pistons, so I was a little surprised to see the amount of carbon build up on the new pistons for such a short amount of use. Also their was damage to the head gasket on the right hand side too. A split at the oil way, and on both sides some damage to the main copper seal?

Head Gasket

Head Gasket



Left Hand Side

Left Hand Side

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