The Guzzi Chronicles cont…

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Just Me
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I mentioned a while back that I had an issue with the exhaust thread on one of my Guzzi heads,  and so with a repair in mind I ordered up a threaded insert to fix the problem, well that was way back in July, and as of today there is still no sign of it turning up! So instead a couple of months back I set too looking for a good used head to use instead, and lucky for me, one of the Guzzi guys in the US, had one he would send, for just the price of the postage, and he did.

So I pulled the heads from the bike and sent them off to be cleaned, and took the time while they were away to order new valves and guides, these duly arrived, so I took the whole lot to a local engineer to have the guides fitted. Of course in this modern age nothing you buy as a replacement part fits any more, and such was the case with the new valve guides, they were too large, and the engineers had to take three thou off them to make them fit. But finally I got them back, the seats had been cut too, so it just took a little light grinding in, to get them right, and after a leak test all was good, and they are now ready to be re fitted this weekend.

Rebuilt Heads

Rebuilt Heads

New Valves

New Valves

Good Threads

Good Threads

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