Mods & Rockers Rally 2014… And..

Posted: February 20, 2014 in Friends
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Just recieved this flyer for the 3rd annual Mods & Rockers rally, over there in Cincinnati..

The Cincinnati Cafe Racer club & Mighty Ohio scooter club presents:
the Queen City Mods & Rockers Rally

When: June 6-7-8, 2014

What: A three-day event to build community around the regional motorcycle & scooter enthusiasts.  Organized by the Cincinnati Cafe Racers club, a local café motorcycle and vintage enthusiast group and co-hosted by the Mighty Ohio Scooter club.  Bring out your most interesting ride, meet fellow riders, make new friends and hear some great regional music.

Who: All motorcycle, scooter and two wheel motor enthusiasts are welcome.  Cafe racer styles, vintage, bobber, chopper, cruiser, new scooters, vintage scooters, mopeds or Segways are all welcome.

Dates:  June  7th, 2014-  (Meet-up and Pre-Registration on Friday June 6th, survivor breakfast Sunday June 8th)

Mods & Rockers Rally Flyer

Mods & Rockers Rally Flyer

From over on mainland Europe, we have…

Lisbon Art & Moto Flyer

Lisbon Art & Moto Flyer

The international event ‘Art & Moto’ will take place in Lisbon on Saturday April 26th, offering a refreshing mix of vintage, café racers and custom-built motorbikes and visual arts and literature. The event’s main activities will be held over two days at Lx Factory, Lisbon.

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