A Nod to the Weather Gods…

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Just Me
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I had a lot to do today, what with trying to sell my house, all the paperwork, packing, sorting etc. But I also needed to give the Beemer the once over before heading off to Belgium and the John Bull rally on Thursday.

So I was a little downhearted this morning with everything being wet, following a night of unusually strong winds, and rain. But a coffee and a half later the sun came out, the pavement outside my house dried up, and I set to.

First thing to do was pull the plugs, and they showed the bike was running a little rich, a byproduct of me playing with the carbs over the easter weekend, trying to get rid of a throttle close backfire. The it was time to pull the rocker covers and check the valve clearences. This is such an easy job on a beemer, and a few minutes later they were all deemed to be ok, no adjustment needed.
So bolt that lot back together and fit new plugs. Then it was time to change out the gearbox oil again, I only did this last weekend, but after I had done the job, I found the drain plug crush washer had dropped off, so I decided to do the job again, a waste of transmission oil, but no oil leaks.
Lastly it was time to wind the pilot screws in an eighth of a turn on both carbs to lean them up a little, before running the bike up, while I tidy the tools away.

and just as I finished up, the rain came down again.

My R80ST

My R80ST



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