New Summer Ride…

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Just Me
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Having had to sadly sell my Guzzi when I lost my job at the end of last year, I have since been looking for a suitable “summer” ride  now I am back working.  Well a few weeks back I got the offer of this 77 Yamaha XS650, and this weekend I was finally in a position to go get the bike. 

It all runs pretty good, a little too loud through the Dunstall style pipes ( I need to see if there is any damping in there) and the clutch is diabolical and needs pulling apart to see what is wrong. But it passed the UK MoT test yesterday, and so is road legal, and pretty much ready to use.. 

Phone picture taken on way to MoT station…

77 XS650

77 XS650

Yamaha XS650

Yamaha XS650

Summer Ride

Summer Ride

Sunday Morning…

Sunday morning gave me a little garage time, so I pulled the baffles from the pipes,  the packing as can be seen, had all gone, leaving just some old wire.

Exhaust Baffle

Exhaust Baffle

so I popped up to my local motorcycle parts shop this morning and bought some new fibre packing, and wrapped the baffle and wired it all in place. And while there is some improvement, the pipes are still loud, but not quite as harsh.
I wonder if there is a better option instead of the fibre matting type material?

Next on my list were a few small things the MoT tester mentioned that I may want to look at, first being the handlebar mounting rubbers needed packing out athey were a little loose.
Then the swing arm bearings needed greasing, Yamaha even fit grease nipple on either side to make this an easy job.

Lastly was to fit a new tacho cable that came with the bike, unfortunatley this was too long so I need to get a shorter version, the good news is that when attached, the tacho does work.

  1. Sven WDMYR says:

    The XS is a great choice, one of my all time Jap favourites. Still sorry for the Guzzi but this is a proper successor in my eyes. Good luck then! Sven

  2. Iain says:

    Nice XS Kev, my mate had one a few years ago and used it a few times, he took it off me before I got ‘too’ used to it. Heading down your way next weekend, going to The Bike Shed show, then the Ace on the Sunday
    cheers Iain

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